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Beat N' Groove Drum Circle

Join us every Saturday 1:30 - 3:00pm for this great opportunity to learn Brazilian drumming rhythm and musical culture for adults. It's going to be a fun way to learn how to play instruments as such as Surdo, Tamborim, Caixa, Repinique, Timbal, Agogo and other drums from Brazil and Latin America.

Beat N' Groove is a new project in Boston area focused in bringing entertainment and the knowledge about Brazilian rhythm and drumming to the community. This drum circle is a weekly meeting for people over 18 years old. People are more then welcomed to come, play drums, relax from the busy week and make some connection with the drummers. Drummers should be able to perform in live shows after 6 months participation.

Zoom Meeting Interview series
Starting Thursday, June 4th Beat N’ Groove will hold live chat and workshops with talented and influential musicians via zoom and streamed live in our Facebook.

The first one will be Juninho Rezende. Juninho is a prodigy cavaquinho player from Mumuzinho’s band and is writing his own cavaquinho method. He will be joining  Beat N’ Groove and talk about Chord melody and voicing on Cavaquinho. You can be part of the meeting or watch on Facebook.


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