Timbal 14″ x 36″ CARA DE COBRA painted wood – yellow and black metalic varnish


Timbal 14″ x 90cm Signature Cara de Cobra Contemporânea

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Cara de Cobra is a signature line of timbal that Contemporânea dedicated to his endorser of the same name. The timbals are particularly thick-walled and therefore perfect for stage gigs where the timbal is played in a stand. Voluminous and loud, yet extremely durable and stylish with clear skins.

Fat sound through thick wood shell and high pitching makes this timbal a dominant instrument in large groups. The tension hooks are equipped with protective rubbers. With the possibility of tuning 16 tension hooks, you can achieve the highest pitching for authentic Bahian sound on your timbal!

The 16 hooks distribute the load pressure evenly on the shell, even in extremely high pitches. Wood timbals sound warmer than aluminium timbals. Keep in mind that timbals with 16 tensioning hooks are heavy because they have more hardware bits and in this case are also thick-walled. So if you are looking for an instrument for street parades, a lighter model might be more suitable.

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