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Mr. Santos teaches Matthew drums and piano in my home. Mr. Santos is kind, patient and Thorough as well as very encouraging to Matthew. My son can read music very well therefore enjoys playing both instruments so much and does so everyday without fail. Our house is filled with music everyday. Matthew is being exposed to all kinds of music by Mr. Santos as well as Matthew trying out all types of music on his own. I credit Matthews enthusiasm for learning all about music to Mr. Santos. His teachings and music have been a great addition to our home.
Sincerely, The Rivera Family.

Cheryl Graham, student’s mom.

I would like to highly recommend Mr. Santos as a music teacher for your children. I have  always been impressed by his professionalism and passion. Mr.Santos  is a gifted teacher and musician. We are extremely fortunate to have a teacher of his caliber to teach the children in the area.

Mr. Santos is  absolutely passionate about music and his love for the art is evident in his enthusiastic and energetic teaching. He is exceedingly patient with his students, encourages them and coaxes the very best effort from each and every one with love. However,  the biggest compliment I can give is his outward love for his students and seeing them succeed and enjoy playing.  He always focuses on the positive aspects of the performance while gently pointing out areas of improvement.  He is patient, kind and when the children are struggling understanding a concept, he encourages them building their confidence.

It is my great pleasure to recommend Mr. Santos. I am tremendously grateful to him for everything he has taught my children and the joy his music has brought to our family.

Aida Padron, student’s mom

My 9-year-old son has been taking drum lessons for the last three years with Mr. Santos and has grown both as a musician and as a student. It is a true testament to Mr. Santos’ ability to provide motivation and support to his students. His patience, dedication, and talent are unparalleled. We are so grateful to have such a gifted musician and teacher working with our son to help him grow in so many ways! Geno has become a confident young man through his music which has been such a positive influence! We have and will continue to recommend Mr. Santos to friends and family!

Lauren Masella, student’s mom

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