When it comes to Brazilian music in the 90s, the pagoda takes center stage. As much as it continues on the rise, it was in that late decade that style promoted the career of many talented people to stardom. It was impossible to turn on the radio, read magazines and watch TV, and you don’t come across a pagodeiro showing service.

In this text, you will recall some hymns from the 90’s pagoda. This list is endless, I know, but I limited the amount to 12 songs. They are wonderful songs, which marked an epoch, and even today they move the audience.

Spoiler: a lot of good people were left out, but … nothing prevents a future post to fix this ???? Without further ado, check out only the tracks that you will remember and enjoy in our conversation today.

  • Quando Te Encontrei
  • Poderosa
  • Caçamba

Here we go? Fix your headphones, your guitar and symbolize celebrating one of the most important chapters of Brazilian popular music.


Quando Te Encontrei – Raça Negra

Created from the east side of São Paulo, Raça Negra has been on the road since 1983. The success on a national scale, however, only happened in the turn between the two decades. The 1993 song Quando Te Encontrei, was one of the ones that helped the band reach the level of popularity that started a long time ago, continues today, and only seems to improve.

Raça Negra practically founded this emblematic pagoda from the 90s. This list could count on the tracks Cheia de Manias, Cigana or É Tarde Demais. The idea, however, was to rescue an important song, but commented less than it should among fans of the group.


A Poderosa – Banda Brasil

In 1994, just to give you an idea, former player Ronaldo Fenômeno was already an ace, but he was still known as “Ronaldinho do Cruzeiro”. In those days, Banda Brasil was among the giants of the romantic pagoda. With the hit Poderosa, the group even made Rainha dos Baixinhos surrender to the magical world of choreography.

Leader of Banda Brasil, vocalist Nelson Kaê is a very prestigious composer. Among other gems, he is the author of the classic Telephone, a hit in the voice of Tim Maia. Do you need to prove anything else?


Caçamba – Molejo

With his humorous footprint, Molejo conquered people from 8 to 80 years old. It’s serious: one of the most anticipated rides of the week was enjoying the party that Andrezão, Anderson Leonardo and the others had on some open TV program. Launched in 1994, the track Caçamba marked an entire generation ????


Source: https://www.cifraclub.com.br/blog/pagode-anos-90/

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